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Mountain Heritage Museum – St. Paul

See hundreds of artifacts from coal mining, logging, railroading, farming, the Civil War, and Native American and Appalachian natural history. View dozens of pictures and prints about these subjects and more, including the largest UMWA historic display south of Washington, DC!

Also gaze at color photos of the great outdoors of Southwest Virginia, the most biologically diverse native ecosystem in the Northern Hemisphere.

There’s a truly up-close-and-personal experience to be had at the Mountain Heritage Museum… curator, Jackie Marshall is a wealth of information, experience and storiesĀ of the life of timesĀ in and around St. Paul and the region.

  • 16542 Russell Street
    St. Paul, VA 24283
  • Free
  • Friday & Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM
  • 276-762-7500
  • Go to Website

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