NYC COMEDY NIGHT @ Sugar Hill Brewing Company

ON TAP (pun intended) for Herron Entertainment, LLC is "The BREWERY COMEDY TOUR" and it's picking up much steam as it heads into 2018 promising to hit 300 breweries all across the U.S.A.

These comics will be touring your state(s) and cities performing in breweries and bars sampling the local fare, local brew and making you laugh. Get tickets fast - these shows are all selling out.

Justin Watts is familiar with people assuming that he's another dumb Long Island meathead. He enjoys using his comedy to turn that assumption upside down with his sharp observations about everything from dating, to psychedelic drugs, and social issues. Justin's likability and curveball punchlines have made him a familiar face at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, EastVille Comedy Club, Dangerfield's in NYC, and Governor's Comedy Clubs on Long Island, among others. Justin is gaining many fans throughout the DMV area and is touring Virginia in November and December this year. He also co-hosts a movie review podcast called 'We Don't Watch Garbage and Neither Should You', a podcast about the world's greatest films and was featured on Public Access TV.

Upstate NY comedian Michael Marino performs up and down the east coast and Midwest. His act covers race, dating stories and tales from being a traveling musician for over ten years. Marino has performed at well known clubs in the Northeast like Eastville Comedy Club in NYC, The Comedy Cove in New Jersey. He has opened for Sherrod Small, Mike Lawrence, Justin Silver, Renee Calm and co-hosts the Hudson valley podcast

A go getter from the heart of New Jersey, this young comic started rocking crowds at the age of 18 and hasn't looked back since. While stand-up is his specialty, Phil also writes, directs and acts in his own sketches and short films. With quick wit and a knack for finding humor in the simplest of subjects. Phil's comedy and web videos, are two things you don't want to miss.

For info on shows dates and digital shorts: follow @PhilRizdon on twitter.


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  • 04.21.2018
  • 9PM - 11PM
  • Sugar Hill Brewing Company
    16622 Broad Street
    St. Paul, VA 24283
  • 276-738-1088

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