On Watch for the Squatch

All profits from the event will go to Ridgeview High School’s Robotics Team – The Squatch Watch.

The event is open to ATVs on Spearhead Trails and to Cars and Motorcycles on the roads.

Participants can register beginning at 9:00am at Haysi’s Ridgeview Trailhead and Coal Canyon Trailhead for $20.

The event will begin at 9am for all participants. The event is designed to hunt the Squatch via clues, (riddles to solve with location answers) until his capture.

Clues can be found in 5 styrofoam coolers will be located in Haysi and 5 in Grundy for those riding cars and motorcycles to find to track the Squatch.

Likewise 10 styrofoam coolers will be located between Haysi’s Ridgeview Trail and Coal Canyon Trail for the ATV riders to find.  Again, the coolers will have clues to track the Squatch.

The event will conclude at 2:30pm at Haysi’s Ridgeview Trailhead, where participants will turn in their answer (city and state) for the location of the Squatch.

A name will be drawn AND if the person has the answer (both city and state) correct they will win $500. If they do not have the correct answer another name will be drawn until a winner is found.

At 3:30pm a Hunting Party Parade will begin at Haysi’s Ridgeview Trailhead and travel to Haysi Funeral Home. The captured Squatch will make his appearance at the end of the parade. The timing will allow those who began at Coal Canyon to travel back (via Ferrell’s Branch) to that trailhead before dark.

Prize money provided by our wonderful sponsors – Hillcom, Belcher Insurance Agency, Haysi Supply Co., White Ridge Carryout, Jones and Counts Pharmacy, Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure, Bellacino’s, El Sombrero, Comfort Inn, and Walmart.

  • 11.10.2018
  • 9:00AM - 2:30PM
  • Coal Canyon and Ridgeview Trail
    146 Kiwanis Park Road, 1124 Chipping Sparrow Road
    Haysi, Grundy, VA
  • 276-244-1111