National Parks

Cumberland Gap National Historical ParkEwing, Lee County

The first great gateway to the west, Cumberland Gap is a mountain pass that was used by wildlife, Native Indian tribes, and later by settlers moving west. Daniel Boone was hired to blaze a trail beginning in Southwest Virginia through Cumberland Gap known as the Wilderness Road. It became the route westward for pioneers who […]
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Gap Caverns in Cumberland Gap National Historical ParkEwing, Lee County

Explore a hidden world found underground- inside the mountains! It is a world of darkness, with fantastic dripstone formations and strange animals who have adapted to the cave environment. There are no entrance fees at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. There are fees for camping, guided tours, and other amenities in the park. Gap Cave […]
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Hike to the White RocksEwing, Lee County

Thomas Walker Civic Park or Chadwell Gap is where your hike to the White Rocks will begin.  There are picnic tables available, clean restrooms, field for outdoor activities, and a beautiful pavilion that is available for rent for your next event through the Cumberland Gap National Park at Thomas Walker Civic Park. The trailhead that leads to the Sandcave […]
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