The Random Plate – Honaker

Mexican street food, called antojitos (literally “little cravings”), is prepared by street vendors and at small traditional markets in Mexico. Street foods include tacos, tamales, gorditas, quesadillas empalmes, tostadas, chalupa, nachos, fajitas, tortas, etc. Mostly available in the morning and evening as the mid-afternoon meal is typically the main formal meal of the day. At the Random Plate, you can get both your little cravings and main meal wants satisfied! You’ll enjoy fresh, authentic Mexican food from Carne Asada (beef) to Carnitas (pork), Pollo (chicken), and more. At the Random plate, we are committed to serve only quality food and always treat you with respect.

Come on in and taste for yourself!


61 Mid Town Circle, Honaker, VA 24260


(276) 582-3954

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