Tastes of the Clinch Nearly sixty locally owned restaurants range from iconic hamburger stands to Appalachian regional dining

5:19PM September 19, 2018
Written by Pam Vance

The Clinch River Valley, home to one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America, is also the setting for a wide range of authentic local dining experiences!  In southwestern Virginia, the Clinch River and its tributaries flow from Tazewell, VA to the TN state line, and there are nearly 60 locally owned eateries along or nearby its banks.  The dining choices range from iconic hamburger stands to uniquely Appalachian regional dining experiences!

Rather than list them all here, we’ve created a map of the Clinch River Valley, showing both the put-in and take-out points (with GPS coordinates) along the Clinch River, and a comprehensive list of these local dining darlings! So whether your looking for a great cup of joe, a quick snack or a full course dining extravaganza, we’ve got you covered. On the back-side of the map, you’ll find addresses and details about each of the restaurants we identified (through personal visits and taste testings).

Tastes of the Clinch IconWe’ve also indicated on our website which restaurants were designated by including the “Tastes” icon and you’ll soon find the Tastes of the Clinch icon on the window of each of these tasty eateries!

You can pick up a copy of the map at any one of the restaurants listed, stop in at our Visitor Center in St. Paul, or download your free map here! We hope you enjoy a relaxing float, fishing excursion or swim in the Clinch… and a great meal close by!

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