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Devils Fork Trail System

Located primarily on an old logging grade. You will pass many scenic areas such as a 20′ waterfall, mountain overlooks and the Devils Bathtub which is an excellent area where hikers will see the stream racing down a rock chute, swirl through the tub and race downstream.

May – September do not start your hike later than 2 pm
October – April do not start your hike later than 12 pm

Directions to Devils Fork Loop Trail From Natural Tunnel State Park: Turn left on to US-23 from Natural Tunnel Parkway. The next road on the left turn left. This is Clinch River Highway/VA 65. Follow Clinch River Highway until you come up to a stop sign (Several miles to Ft. Blackmore). Turn Left on to Veterans Memorial Highway /VA 72. After 100 feet turn left onto Big Stony Creek Road. This is the same road that Ft. Blackmore School is on. Travel down Big Stony Creek Road for 3 to 4 miles until you come up to a bridge. Cross the bridge and make a right turn (you will be going slightly downhill. If you are going up-hill you went the wrong way). You will travel 1 mile until you see a cabin on left with a big sign that states “Devils Fork.” Make a left after cabin. You will travel along a gravel road one quarter mile. Stay left when the road curves sharply right. There is an abandoned white house on the right side of the dirt road. Dirt Road will be rough. 4-wheel drive is recommended. Take this road to the top of the hill. The circle is where you park. To access the trail climb the steps and then head up the trail. You will come up to a gate. Go around it, and you will come up to a creek crossing. Cross the creek. Walk a short distance and you will come up to a sign that will point left. That is the path to see the Devil’s Bathtub. You will cross the creek several times before you come upon a large pool of water. Located behind that pool is the Devil’s Bathtub. Be very careful because the rocks are VERY SLIPPRY.  Pack water and food for your hike.

Directions to the Devil’s Fork Loop Trail from Kingsport: Take VA-72N (Veterans Memorial Highway) to Fort Blackmore. From the intersection of VA 65 and VA 72 (Veterans Memorial Highway), follow Route 619 (Big Stony Creek Road) about five miles to the intersection of Route 619 and Route 657. Go left on Route 619 (High Knob SC) over a small bridge; continue on Route 619 for about another 0.4 miles, then turn left onto a narrow gravel road beside an old, abandoned white house. Follow this very rutted gravel road for about another half-mile, keeping right when the road forks. The road dead ends at a circular parking area; from there, take the wooden stairs to your right, out of the parking area and onto the Devil’s Fork Loop Trail.

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