Big Cedar Creek Farm

Located just outside of Lebanon, the Big Cedar Creek Farm is an eight-acre POWWR (Public Opportunities for Wildlife-related Recreation) property which runs adjacent to Big Cedar Creek, a tributary of the Clinch River. The site is framed by large cedar trees and is underlain by unique geologic features. In addition to touching an approximately 3400 ft stretch of the creek and its associated riparian habitat, a mix of upland forest and floodplains are also present. Wildlife utilizing the site include but are not limited to bobcats, egrets, songbirds, turtles, trout, osprey, kingfisher, black bear, white tailed deer, turkey and otters.

The POWWR program provides public access for a variety of wildlife-related recreation through lease agreements on private property. Hiking, birding, photography and general wildlife viewing is permissible without the need to posses a license, permit, or Restore the Wild membership. A map of POWRR properties and site boundaries can be found here. Please respect the respective property boundaries and any observed no trespassing signs on site.


Big Cedar Creek Rd, Lebanon, VA 24266


(276) 783-4860