Cuz’s Uptown Barbeque – Pounding Mill

Located in Pounding Mill, directly on 460, Cuz’s Uptown Barbecue is perhaps the most eclectic restaurant in the hills of Southwest Virginia.  Founded in an old dairy barn the restaurant expanded the silo into private dining and the hayloft was renovated into a waiting lounge.  Cuz’s philosophy is still the same as it was in the beginning: steaks big enough to do all the advertising they will ever need and seafood so fresh and varied that it seems the beach has come to the mountains, but above all, great food serviced quick and hot!

Legend of Cuz’s has spread all over the world and one shouldn’t be surprised to see a Cuz’s t-shirt in Bangkok or hear a tale of a Velveeta egg roll somewhere in your neck of the woods.  We encourage you to come on down to Cuz’s, putting the thrill in Pounding Mill since 1979!

Seasonal Operations: March – November


15746 Gov. GC Peery Highway, Pounding Mill, VA 24637


(276) 964-9014