Dickenson Bundy Log House

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm; Sunday 12:30pm – 4pm. This log house was constructed from two separate log homes. One was built in 1769 and donated by the owner of the old Henry Dickenson farm. The other was built in 1790 and donated by the heirs of Thomas Bundy. The materials used from the 1769 Dickenson house were the oldest found in the area for a restoration project. The original builders of that home, Henry Dickenson Jr. and Mary Powell Dickenson, were driven by Indians from the home to a fort in Abingdon. Their son, also named Henry, later completed the two story structure with two rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second. The Bundy house began as a one-room windowless cabin that was expanded to a two-story, five room house with windows. The restored house is open to the public and houses a craft store that features local crafters.


24071 US Highway 58A, Castlewood, VA 24224


(276) 889-8000

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