Esembee Adventure Company

Explore the mountains of Virginia on a side-by-side ATV. Spearhead Trails Mountain View Trail System runs through the hills and covers over 5,000 acres that are accessible by ATVs. Esembee Adventure Company covers all of the necessities to make your side-by-side ATV adventure unbeatable, including helmet, goggles, trail map, and a full tank of gas!

If you’re looking for a great adventure on or around the Clinch, we’ve got you covered there too! We rent tubes, kayaks, bicycles, sports equipment and fishing gear. Whatever you want your day of outdoor adventure to include, it’s likely you’ll find all the gear here at Esembee!

If you’re wanting to extend your stay, check out our Ridge Runner Campground or Cabin in the Woods!


3051 4th Avenue, St. Paul, VA 24283


(276) 455-0550

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