Hensley’s Settlement

Hensley’s Settlement is part of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, which lies in three states: Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The preserved settlement is located atop Brush Mountain where the Hensley’s first settled in 1903. In the early part of the century, the Hensley’s settled on the mountain, forsaking settled areas for an entirely self-sufficient way of life. This truly rural Appalachian settlement continued, without electricity, indoor plumbing, roads or any modern conveniences until the last inhabitant left in 1951. Approximately 25 of the original buildings have been restored and the surrounding land has been returned to the original farming and pasture scene of its orginal appearance. Presently, transportation to the settlement is still somewhat limited in order to maintain the area’s authenticity.


Hiking trail is available at Thomas Walker Civic Park. This trail also leads to the Sandcave and White Rock overlook.


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