Heritage Virginia Mills

Heritage Virginia Mills, a family-run business located in the small farming town of Nickelsville, Virginia, offers fresh stone ground grits, cornmeal, flour and other products. What started as a healthy eating conversation around the family dinner table in 2013 took root. That spring they planted plots of corn and wheat and that fall they harvested their first home-grown grains. Now they have a gristmill, a full retail store in Nickelsville, on-line store and their products may be found in several retail locations across Virginia.

Milled from chemical-free organic grains:

• Grits
• Cornmeal
• Polenta
• Grits
• Whole Wheat Flours
• Specialty Flours
• Gluten-free Products
• Baking Mixes
• Baking Ingredients

Before the arrival of supermarkets and factory-baked bread, the miller and his mill were essential for sustaining life in early American communities. The goal at Heritage Virginia Mills is to bring back the essence of what the gristmills stood for: A locally based service providing wholesome, natural food for the surrounding community, both near and far.

For more information, email info@VirginiaMills.com.


127 Wampler Street, Nickelsville, VA 24271


(276) 479-0389