Michael D. Young Hiking/Biking Trail

This is a 2.8-mile nature trail, with moderately steep terrain changes, springs, historic coal tipples, and abandoned coal mining carts that is open to foot traffic and mountain biking only.

For the eastern trailhead, start at Highway 83 / Edgewater Dr. in Grundy. The eastern trailhead is a large gravel parking area with a bridge across to the trail and marked with a sign for the Michael D. Young Trail. Begin by crossing the bridge over Slate Creek and go uphill 500 feet. to the junction, turn right to join the main trail or left for the short connector trail to the hospital. At 1.8 miles, there is a connector trail on the right, downhill to a private school and road access. At 2.4 miles, the nature portion of the trail ends at a small gravel parking area off local road T-1004 / New House Branch Rd. End your trip, turn around here, or continue on paved roads to access the post office, courthouse, law school, and the marked western end of the trail. Turn right to cross the concrete bridge over New House Creek and take an immediate left onto road T-1001 / Granada St. At 2.5 miles, there is an old cinder-block staircase, descend carefully. To avoid this staircase, you could stay on New House Branch Rd. all the way down, but there is semi-frequent vehicle traffic and no sidewalk. Take an immediate left onto road T-1011 / Gene St. which will dead end at the western trailhead. The trail ends at a sign on road T-1003 / Walnut St. with plenty of roadside gravel parking spaces including handicap-accessible parking.


1350 Slate Creek Road, Grundy, VA 24614


(276) 244-1542