Richlands Coal Miners’ Memorial

The Coal Miners’ Memorial is a testament to the heritage of the Town of Richlands. Dedicated in 2003,the memorial is a tribute to the men/women who sacrificed all they had to make a living. The memorial sculptured by Maria Kirby-Smith depicts a miner exiting the mine. He’s covered in the toil of the day with his lunch bucket & pick in hand as he catches a breath of fresh air. The black granite wall represents the mine. The cascading water shares the wealth of ever-flowing natural resource we call coal. Etchings of the history of mining linger on the face of the monument while the back bears the names of over 1000 miners who died fulfilling their destiny. The engraved brick walkway lights the path for the miner as he continues his track home. 


200 Washington Square, Richlands, VA 24641


(276) 963-3385