Spearhead Dixon Shooting Sports

Pistol Range – Our range sits nuzzled against the mountain side. Five shooting lanes and three variations of steel targets await you.

Skeet Range – This eight-stand course will truly evaluate a shotgun owner’s skillset. The high house and low house put your hand eye coordination to the test at this staple of clays shooting.

Trap Range – This is a great introduction to clays shooting. Our voice activated throwing house offers a varied menu with double clays or a single, warble on or off. New shooting lanes await some foot traffic. Some folks have said this is the best course of fire to work on the basic shooting and targeting techniques.

Sporting Clays – As realistic as it gets. Test your reflexes as the traps mimic the flush patterns of rabbit, grouse, quail, duck, dove, and pheasant. These nine shooting stations will give you a nice variety of views at fifty clays to try and bust.

Rifle Range – Looking to knock the dust off the hunting rifle? Make sure the scope hasn’t self adjusted while in storage. Or you may just have a new one that needs some rounds sent downrange. Our range has a covered shooting station with targets marked out at 50, 100, 150, 200, and 300 yards.

Rimfire Range – Under construction. Coming soon!

International Defense Pistol Association Range – Under construction. Coming soon!


418 Dixon Range Road, Clintwood, VA 24228


(276) 807-7581