The Mountains offer more than things to do outside.

We have something perfect just for you.

If you’re making the trip to our region, you know you’re in for breathtaking views of the mountains. Don’t be surprised though if you find yourself enjoying some indoor activities too! There’s a lot to discover in this region, but not all of them are found in the wilderness. Restaurants scattered all throughout the area offer some of the best home-cooking there is. As for all the shoppers visiting, there’s plenty for you to explore. From antiques and hand-crafted products, to local wines and specialty clothing, you won’t be taking just one souvenir. And when the day is done, what sounds better than a soft bed to fall asleep in as you listen to the sweet sounds of nature all around you? No matter where you stay, each hotel or cottage will give you the restful sleep you’ll need to continue exploring the Heart of Appalachia.

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