Lonesome Pine Loop

The Lonesome Pine Loop is a great choice for anyone wanting to visit the areas mentioned in John Fox Jr.’s 1908 novel, “Trail of the Lonesome Pine”. Many of the sites on this loop are located directly on the Pound River or one of its connecting waterways, where you can watch the sizable beaver population contribute to the region’s unique ecosystem. Climb to the peak of Birch Knob and enjoy breath-taking views of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina or stop at one of the several other sites for the great biological diversity hidden within the Appalachian Mountains. Stop by the John Flanagan Reservoir and watch the hawks soar over the water and hike through the Breaks Interstate Park to get a wonderful view of the Appalachian Mountains.

Visit the DWR website (https://dwr.virginia.gov/vbwt/mountain-trail/MLP/), print the map, get the details of each site along the loop, and get your adventure started. 

MLP01: Compton Mountain to Horn Mountain Driving Loop

MLP02: Poplar Gap Park/Sunset Hollow

MLP03: Elk Viewing Area

MLP04: Breaks Interstate Park

MLP05: John W. Flanagan Reservoir

MLP06: Branahm Farm Wildlife Area

MLP07: Birch Knob

MLP08: Pound River: Active Beaver Area and Recreational Area

MLP09: Cranes Nest River Trail

MLP10: North Fork of the Pound & Phillips Creek Recreation Area


627 Commission Circle, Breaks, VA 24607


(276) 762-0011