Phillips Creek Loop Trail

A self guided 1.3 mile walking trail that requires only a narrative trail brochure. There are stops on the trail, the first in a wildlife clearing for deer, turkey, and other wild game. Next you will pass an old homestead, traces of the house may still be found. There is a White Pine stand that was planted in the 1950s. The next stop is an Eastern Hemlock Log to count the annual rings. Across the creek you can see the remnants of an old Still site. At the next stop there is a very pretty waterfall along a high sandstone cliff. Next is an old Indian hunting camp. As you start down the trail back to the parking lot you will be on an old railroad grade used in the late 1890s and 1900s to haul logs. The trail is 1.3 miles and is easy requiring only limited skills and has slopes less than 20 percent.


Phillips Creek Road, Pound, VA 24279


(276) 679-8370